Vegetable Pakora 4.99
Vegetable breaded with herbed chickpea flour and deep fried
Vegetable Samosa 4.99
Masala potatoes stuffed pockets and deep fried
Paneer Pakora 8.99
Homemade cheese breaded with herbed chickpea flour, deep fried
Chicken Pakora 8.99
Boneless chicken breaded with herbed chickpea flour
Cooked in special tangy sauce tossed with bell pepper, onion, cilantro.
Chicken. 12.99 Gobi. 12.00 Paneer. 12.99
Chilli Paneer/ Chicken 13.99
Cooked with spicy blend of green onion and green chillies

.Chicken Tandoori 13.99
Savory yoghurt marinated chicken with ginger, garlic and special blend of spices
.Seekh Kabab
Ground meat mixed with special blend of herbs and spices and grilled to perfection
Chicken 14.99 Lamb 16.99 Beef 16.99
.Chicken Boti Kabab 14.99
Chicken marinated with yoghurt, spices and grilled
.Chicken Tikka Kabab 14.99
Chicken breast marinated with spices and grilled in tandoor
.Tandoori Mixed Grill 20.99
Mix of pieces of all kind of kababs

Gosht Delicacies (Goat)

Dhania Gosht 15.99
Goat meat cooked with organic cilantro and spices
Pudina Gosht 15.99
Goat meat cooked to perfection with fresh mint, tomatoes and other herbs
Karahi Gosht 17.99
Tender meat cooked with onion tomato and blend of herbs
Goat Curry 15.99
Goat meat cooked with signature curry sauce
Achari Gosht 15.99
Goat meat cooked in special achar masala
Palak Gosht 15.99
Goat meat cooked with spinach and herbs.

Meat cooked with tomatoes, onion and bell pepper
Lamb. 14.99 Chicken. 13.99 Beef. 15.99
Meat cooked with potatoes in tangy sauce
Lamb. 14.99 Chicken. 13.99
Tikka Masala
Meat prepared in our signature tomato butter sauce
Lamb. 15.99 Chicken. 15.99
Butter Chicken 15.99
Marinated chicken cooked with special tomato and butter sauce.
Zeera Saag
Blend of cumin and spinach folded into creamy blend
Lamb. 14.99 Chicken. 13.99
Coconut Curry
Cooked in a special blend of fresh herbs and coconut milk
Lamb. 14.99 Chicken. 13.99
Traditional curry prepared with onion tomatoes and other herbs
Lamb. 14.99 Chicken. 12.99 Goat. 15.99
Nihari 15.99
Beef shanks slow roasted and cooked in special gravy sauce
Keema Aloo
Minced meat cooked with herbs, potatoes and green peas
Chicken. 14.99 Beef. 15.99 Lamb. 15.99
Haleem 13.99
Shredded chicken cooked into delicious blend with herbs and lentils.
Achari delicacies
Seasoned meat cooked with special achari masala
Chicken. 13.99 Goat. 15.99

Delicious savory dish loaded with spicy marinated meat, caramelized onions and flavorful saffron rice.
Choice of meat:
Chicken 15.99 Goat (Ask for availability) 21.99

Rice sautéed with seasoned vegetables with dash of soy sauce,
Chicken. 12.99 Vegetables. 11.99


Saag methi
Fresh methi spinach cooked with choice of
Aloo 12.99 Paneer. 13.99
Tadka Daal 10.99
Lentils cooked with herbs and finished with onion garlic ginger tadka.
Chana Masala 11.99
Chickpea cooked with onion, tomatoes and herbs.
Malai Kofta 12.99
Vegetables and paneer dumpling balls simmered in signature tomato butter sauce.
Paneet Tikka Masala 13.99
Homemade cheese cooked in tangy tomato and cream sauce.
Okra Masala 12.99
Okra sautéed with onion, tomato in ginger garlic base.
Mattar Masala
Green peas cooked in curry sauce with choice of
Potatoes. 11.99 Paneer. 12.99
Aloo Gobi 11.99
Cauliflower and potatoes sautéed with herbs.
Shahi Paneer 13.99
Minced homemade cheese cooked with herbs
Eggplant Bharta 12.99
Roasted eggplant mashed and sautéed with herbs, onion, tomatoes topped with cilantro.
Vegetable Jalfrezi 10.99
Seasonal vegetables cooked with onion, tomato gravy sauce.
Daal Roti 12.99
Lentils cooked with herbs and finished with onion garlic ginger.


Cucumber Salad. 6.99
Green Salad 6.99
Daal Soup 9.99
(Aromatic lentil soup)
Eggflower soup 9.99
(Wispy beaten eggs in chicken broth)
Rice 2.99
Raita 3.99
Achar 1.99
Mint Sauce 2.99
Papadum 2.99
Chopped onion n green chillies 3.25

(Leavened breads freshly baked in clay oven)
Naan. 2.69
Garlic Naan 3.45
Butter Naan 2.99
Onion Naan 3.45
Aloo Paratha(naan stuffed with savory potatoes) 5.50
Tandoori Roti 2.00
Tava Roti/ Chapati 2.50
Plain Paratha 3.00
Keema Paratha chicken 5.99, beef/lamb 6.99

Gulab Jamun 5.99
Kheer/Rice Pudding (ask for availability) 5.99
Kabab Palace Special signature Ice Cream 4.50
.Tooti Frooti

Soda 2.25
Mango Lassi (delicate blend of yoghurt and fresh squeeze Mango pulp). 3.50
Sweet Lassi (churned yoghurt with dash of sugar) 2.99
Salt Lassi (salty flavored churned yoghurt) 2.99
Chai Tea (Indian tea infused with milk and special herbs) 2.00